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Jimmi is a design studio that has fostered innovation in the growing field of Digital fabrication. We have designed and launched products including 3D Printers, 3D Bio Printers and hosted workshops that have transformed the way in which 3D printing is incorporated into others practices.

Founded by Evan Roche and myself, Jimmi was created to rapidly learn, test, and execute our ideas. Our community-minded approach helped the Jimmi team gain experience in hardware design, rapid prototyping, user-centered design, and venture design.

In 2015 Jimmi began a workshop series called Buildclass where we taught over 100 participants how to build and use a Jimmi 3D Printer. Participants included a diverse community of design students, teachers, NASA spacecraft engineers, bio chemists, cancer researchers, mechanical engineers and more. Each took home working 3D printers at the end of each Buildclass workshop.

Email: harrison@byjimmi.com
IG: @byjimmi


I made it to the final interview rounds at Y-Combinators S16 Batch! There couldn't have been a more exciting way to see SF for the first time.