Spaces 2013-2014

This body of work involves several investigations into architectural space as it relates to the body at different scales and perspectives.  This work was created through a practice involving digital fabrication, architectural intervention, performance, video documentary, woodworking, and metalworking.

Living Capsule, 2013

Living Capsule is a fully functioning shelter with heating, ventilation, insulation, electricity, running water, stove, measuring only 48" x 96" x 34". I lived in this shelter for an entire week, outside, during Winter and recorded the entire experience with video surveilance.

The 80 cubic foot architectural volume is made up of only fully functioning utilities and appliances that assist the physical needs of a human body which it snugly contains.  Non-functional space is minimized, leaving only enough open space for me to lay down, sleep, and access needed utilities and amenities. This piece was an experiment to approach architecture as sterile and mechanical process